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Give Local Piedmont

Today is Give Local Piedmont Day, which is a regional day of charitable online giving to local non-profits. It begins at 12:01 AM and ends at midnight. This is NAMI Piedmont’s third year of participating in this event. If possible, we hope that you will be able to support us in this endeavor today.

To make things more fun, NAMI Piedmont is offering the following prizes to supporters today:

Early Bird – The first individual, who donates this day, will receive a Paneras Gift Card.

Make a Mark – The person who makes the largest donation will receive three Stress Coloring Books and a 30-count set of Markers.

$25 and Above Club – Anyone who contributes $25 or above receives a “Never Give Up Hope!” NAMI Piedmont T-Shirt. (Individuals with mental health                                                       challenges only need to donate $10 to get a shirt.)

Thank-you to the NAMI Piedmont members who donated these nice prizes to make this event more fun for everyone!  

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