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NAMI Piedmont Online Walk Craft Event

Who says the Walk fun has to end after October 10th? NAMI Piedmont does not! We are going to continue it with a:

NAMI Piedmont Online Walk Craft Event

WHEN:   Saturday, October 17th  / 1:30 PM                                                               

WHERE:  Online   /  Contact Kathy Weigel by Friday, October 16th, to sign-up for this event: / 540-347-9104                                                                                                                      

WHAT’S HAPPENING:  Several NAMI Piedmont Members will be demonstrating    some crafts for us. If you are interested in showing-off a craft to others,              please let Kathy know by Thursday, October 15th.

 After that, there will be a PARTICIPATION EVENT. All attendees will join               in making a craft at this time, while socializing and getting to know each             other outside of meetings and support groups.  Supplies for this event                 are listed below. 

This event consists of painting a 2 – 4 inch object such as a rock, piece              of wood, porcelain or plaster-type flat shaped object (star, heart, etc.),                or whatever else you might find that fits this category.                                          If the above-mentioned participation craft activity does not please you,              then do your own thing…..knit, origami, paint your toe nails cool designs,            sketch, braid your hair, construct paper air planes, build a birdhouse,                  ice cupcakes, crochet, etc. We just want to socialize and have some                    NAMI Piedmont fun together!

The NAMI Piedmont Online Walk Craft Event is open to both Peers and                Family Members…….both MEN and women. 

Participation Event Needs:                                                                                      1.) 1 small bottle each of Blue, Yellow, and Green acrylic paint. (.87 – $1.99/ea.)  2.) 1 package of small paint brushes. (For objects and words) ($1.39-$1.99/pkg.)  3.) Newspaper to place wet objects on. / Small containers for paint and water.    4.) One sharpened pencil with an eraser on it.                                                          6.)  2 – 4 inch in size object(s) to paint: Rocks, pieces of wood, porcelain or          plaster-like flat shaped objects (stars, hearts, circles, etc.) ($1.75 or more. It depends on what or how many you choose to buy.)                                                                   

***** These items can be purchased at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn’s  Fabrics,        Hobby Lobby, or any store selling craft supplies. *****



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